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Roger Henri Trepanier has had eighty books published to date, in four different series, both in print format and eBook format for any reading device, with all books being available on all sales channels in any country. Below the following list are instructions on how to view the books, so as to see a description and table of contents, including information on where to order.

Titles available from Roger Henri Trepanier in The Truth Seeker’s Library™ series:

1) God Did Not Create Human Beings To Die… But To Live On… Eternally!
2) Finding Comfort And Encouragement In The Promises Of God In The Last Days
3) How We Know For Sure That We Are Living In The Last Days!
4) Have You Ever Wondered What Happens After Death?
5) An Introduction To The New World That Is Coming On The Earth
6) Deeper Truths Of The Christian Life
7) Evangelism As God Intended
8) Keeping On Serving God In The Last Days
9) The Mysterious World Of Angels And Demons
10) No One Loves As He Loves!
11) Thanks Be To God For His Indescribable Gift!
12) The Church Is Very Much Alive, Well, And Growing!
13) Tracing The Steps Of The Son Of God From Eternity To Eternity!
14) War, And Going To War, Is Simply Not Of God!
15) God Never Meant Prayer To Be A Mystery!
16) Health Is One Of God’s Great Blessings!
17) Removing The Mystery Surrounding Baptism!
18) This World’s Return To Paganism Is Almost Complete!
19) Removing The Mystery Surrounding Heaven!
20) God’s Covenants Were Meant For Mankind’s Blessing!
21) The Four Ages Of Time!
22) The Awesomeness Of God!
23) A Call To A Biblical Christianity!
24) Believers! Look Up! Our Homegoing Is Any Day!
25) Why God Created The Male And The Female!
26) This Earth Was Never Meant To Be The Believer’s Home!
27) It Is A Terrifying Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of The Living God!
28) The Rapture Of The Church Is God’s Last End Time Event!
29) This Present Earth Will One Day Be Eternal Hell!

Titles available from Roger Henri Trepanier in The Practical Helps Library™ series:

1) Learning to Overcome The Perplexities Of This Present Life
2) So, I Hear You Want To Work With Seniors?
3) I Will Not Have This Man To Rule Over Me!
4) Spiritual Truth To Warm The Heart!
5) Fasten Your Seatbelts: Turbulence Ahead!
6) Living A Normal Christian Life In An Increasingly Abnormal World!
7) If You Have Jesus; You Do Not Need Drugs!
8) To Do God’s Will Is To Have A Foretaste Of Heaven!
9) This World Is Ready For The Rule Of The Antichrist!
10) President Trump And The Q Movement Versus Satan And The Deep State
11) More Of God’s Great Promises For Comfort And Encouragement!
12) Alert! The C-Virus Pandemic Was Satan’s Practice Run For A New World Order! (Title for the print and eBook version at Amazon only, which did not allow me to use the term “COVID-19” at all in the title or in the book!)
12) The COVID-19 Pandemic Was Satan’s Practice Run For  A New World Order! (Title for all other publishers apart from Amazon)
13) The Days Are Evil! The Time Is Short! Be Saved From This Perverse Generation!
14) Your Worldview Determines Your Wellbeing And Eternal Destiny!
15) What We Are Watching Is The Spirit Of The Antichrist At Work!
16) A Sure Cure For Loneliness!
17) Will God Allow President Trump To Regain The White House?
18) The Antichrist Arises Out Of Europe And Is About To Appear On The World Scene!
19) Helping Believers Live In A World With No Normal!

Titles available from Roger Henri Trepanier in The Christian Fiction Library™ series:

1) The Beginning Of A New Dawn
2) It Is Never Too Late For Love!
3) The True To Life Musings Of Fred And Ernie
4) Between A Rock And A Hard Place!
5) Love Knows No Boundaries!
6) A Woman Worth Pursuing!
7) Love Is More Than Just A Four Letter Word!
8) The Twists And Turns Of The Life Of Faith!

Titles available from Roger Henri Trepanier in The Word Of God Library™ series:

1) God’s First Letter To The Thessalonians
2) God’s Second Letter To The Thessalonians
3) God’s Letter To Believers Through Jude
4) God’s Three Short Letters To Believers Through John
5) God’s Letter To Scattered Believers Through James
6) God’s Letter To Titus And God’s Letter To Philemon
7) God’s Prophetic Word To Mankind Through Daniel
8) God’s Letter To Philemon And God’s Letter To The Colossians
9) God’s Consummation Of All In The Book Of Revelation
10) God’s Letter To The Philippians
11) God’s First Letter Through Peter
12) God’s Second Letter Through Peter
13) Jonah, God’s Reluctant Prophet!
14) God’s Letter To The Galatians
15) God’s Providence In The Book Of Esther
16) God’s Love For Gentiles In The Book Of Ruth
17) God’s Letter To The Ephesians
18) God’s First Letter To Timothy
19) God’s Second Letter To Timothy
20) Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount: Matthew 5 to 7
21) Jesus’ Parting Words Of Love To His Own: John 13 To 16
22) God’s Letter To The Romans Through The Apostle Paul
23) God’s Letter To The Hebrews
24) God’s First Letter To The Corinthians

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  1. I’m glad that you put the last section, on how to get the books. It makes it much easier to purchase.

  2. The Twists and Turns of the Life of Faith! What a moving and inspiring story this is. Once I starting reading, I just couldn’t put it down. I especially liked the bible verses at the beginning of the chapters which showed us how God works in the lives of those who trust Him wholly. The best yet of the fiction series. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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