Since we are all curious by nature, a few brief details about the author and Pilgrim Pathway Publications are here in order.

I have had a personal relationship with God since 9 pm on January 14th 1980, which is by far the best event that has ever happened in my life! At John 5:24, God’s precious Son, Jesus Christ, tells us that anyone who believes in Him has “eternal life,” and as a result will never experience God’s judgment, but such a one “has passed out of death into life.”

After completing 21 years of formal education and then spending almost 28 years working in Project Engineering and Management in the Corporate offices of a large utility, God called His servant as a non-denominational evangelist in early 1999 and then sent him out over 2500 miles, away from family and friends, to the place of service God assigned, which is where His servant has been and is still serving Him as evangelist, counselor, and author. The author is a widower with three adopted children, all now married.

Since then, it has also been my great pleasure to write, under God’s guiding Hand, about twenty Commentaries on books of the Bible. Also, there have been over 535 Devotional Commentaries on portions of the Bible, including more than 100 studies on various subjects encountered in the Bible. The foregoing work has been the foundation material that God has used in His servant’s counseling ministry these last 20 years, and also the background information for giving the sermon in a local church for 52 Sundays over a period of almost five years. And now God is using much of this material as background for the writing of the fifty-eight books published so far. All of this is to the glory of God alone, for the author knows full well that apart from God’s grace and power, he cannot do anything that will last for time and eternity!

None of the books were written for profit, as this is strictly a non-profit ministry, and has been since 1980. God tells us at Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.” This has been a guiding verse of my ministry since then.

Pilgrim Pathway Publications is the name of the website, which God led His servant to use in early 2004. Then He gave His servant the design for the logo, which was done up by a graphic artist from a rough sketch as it now appears on the home page at the front of the website. The domain name pilgrimpathwaypublications.com  is a trademark of Roger Henri Trepanier.


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